Prop Works Silicone Juggling Balls are among the finest available anywhere. Painstaking attention is given to the quality and the smallest detail in each and every silicone juggling ball that we manufacture.

   These top quality silicone juggling balls are distinguished by being free of bubbles, nicks, mismatched seams, and other such defects that can occur in the manufacturing process.

   Our fluorescent colors are very bright and thoroughly mixed so there are no streaks to detract from the beauty of these outstanding silicone juggling balls.

   Our quality control is unmatched in the industry. Prop Works silicones have no ‘sprue’ or fill marks; small seams that essentially disappear through normal use; will not soil, and have a superior bounce.


Brilliant white and six fluorescent colors.

Blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, and purple.

  • 2.25" (5.70 cm) 114 gm (4.0 oz.)
  • 2.50" (6.35 cm) 157 gm (5.5 oz.)
  • 2.75" (7.00 cm) 210 gm (7.4 oz.)
  • 3.00" (7.60 cm) 270 gm (9.5 oz.)

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