Complete Juggling Ensemble  An awesome juggling set! You'll get three deluxe beanbags and a fantastic DVD called Juggling 101. All of this is packaged inside a very nice display box, making this our favorite set! The Bags: You get three of our best selling deluxe four color (beach) beanbags. These are high quality and feel great when juggled.

The Video: Juggling 101 teaches 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, clubs, ball passing, club passing, diabolo, devilstick, rings, spinning plates and more! If you do the math, this set would cost $46.00 dollars sold individually and you'll get all this for just $29.99. A great deal and a great gift. Note: Juggling Bag colors may vary.

Complete Juggling Ensemble: Price $29.99.



Brilliant white and six fluorescent colors.

Blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, and purple.

  • 2.25" (5.70 cm) 114 gm (4.0 oz.)
  • 2.50" (6.35 cm) 157 gm (5.5 oz.)
  • 2.75" (7.00 cm) 210 gm (7.4 oz.)
  • 3.00" (7.60 cm) 270 gm (9.5 oz.)

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