Prop Works Silicone Juggling Balls began its humble journey when juggler and prop maker Mike Brose created the first Prop Works juggling balls in 1996. At first it was a matter of curiosity (he greatly enjoyed the challenge), then it became a passion to produce the best silicone juggling balls available!

   Around the same time, Mike's father, Richard Brose, had retired from a long career at the Aerospace Corporation (as a top notch electron microscopist and metal-ographer), and was not happy being idle. Mike taught his father (and mother Alberta) how to make these high quality silicone juggling balls using the process that he had developed and passed the business onto them (Mike was very busy with another business at the time).

   Richard and Alberta, launched Prop Works and enjoyed early success with the business as they had learned the process of producing 'high quality' silicone juggling balls quite well. Besides making some of the best silicone juggling balls available on the market, they also focused on providing excellent customer service, and that continues to this day.

   In 2009, Richard passed away. Although it was very difficult at first, Alberta decided to keep going and keep producing Prop Works high quality juggling balls. Her grandson Aric (Mike's son), has since been helping to run the business. Prop Works has always been and remains a small family owned business that is small enough to be very responsive to customer's needs.

   After all these years, the goal remains the same. To produce the highest quality silicone juggling balls (using the 'top secret' Prop Works process) and at the same time provide great customer service. Alberta and Aric Brose are committed to doing just that!


Brilliant white and six fluorescent colors.

Blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, and purple.

  • 2.25" (5.70 cm) 114 gm (4.0 oz.)
  • 2.50" (6.35 cm) 157 gm (5.5 oz.)
  • 2.75" (7.00 cm) 210 gm (7.4 oz.)
  • 3.00" (7.60 cm) 270 gm (9.5 oz.)

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